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Table Decoretive Piece - Handmade and Hand Painted Blue Pottery

Handmade Decorative Blue Pottery Lotus Design Decor Piece With Antique Brass Metal Handle, Showpiece and Art Collectable, Table Decoration

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Lotus the symbol of beauty, peace and tranquility.


This Magnificent piece can be a great decor as a center piece or a side table. It is made in 10 different pieces and then put together. 100% handmade and hand painted. It's a signature piece.

The beauty lies within. Each and every piece is unique and no clay has been used in making this pottery. 

Material: Quartz Powder, Fuller’s Earth, Glass Powder and Oxide Colors

Sales Package: 1 Decorative Piece

Dimension: 8 inches’ x 18 inches

Handling Instructions: This item is fragile. Clean the surface regularly with soft dry cloth. In case dust accumulates over the surface, gently rub some ordinary oil with a soft cloth to restore the shine on the surface.